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Windows 8 Forums will have a lot to offer. And such offerings start with new members such as you. As a one stop shop for operating system related guidance discussion, Windows 8 Forums will carry on the tradition of our sister site Windows7Forums.com. With so much information becoming available at such a rapid pace, Windows 8 Forums is looking for new members to join our new and vibrant community. As new information becomes available, new forums will be added. As milestone builds are released, so to will we attempt to release videos and other interesting information to the public. Best of all, all accounts at Windows8Forums.com will be 100% free to use, in an open, unbiased community.

Sporting a brand new interface, and undoubtedly filled with code improvements since Windows 7, it looks as though Windows 8 may once again hit the high mark in Microsoft's effort to deliver on a powerful, all-encompassing operating system, that is accessible to both regular users and power users. With Windows 8 on the horizon, the time looks good to get to know more about this operating system by communicating with other members. Those who join the forums now will have a head start towards gaining new and interesting information about the OS, and we will be working hard to examine the OS for all of the improvements it offers.

Perhaps some of the most interesting changes will come with the fact that Windows will support ARM processors - the workhorse system architecture behind many smart devices and tablets. Not only that, but Windows 8 signifies a move towards surface technology and touch screen computing that hasn't been seen in the portable PC realm. One thing is for certain: Windows 8 looks poised to revolutionize how we interact with our computer systems via facial recognition, touch screen, and other advanced human interface device technology. Will you be ready for Windows 8 in 2012? Windows 8 Forums promises to make that possible for all of our visitors.

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dany u-2000 usb tv not working in win 8. need hlp

I bought a laptop with windows 8. Sucks. It is not a windows 8 operating system but a windows 7 with a windows 8 start page. Can't make a copy in case it crashes.....or is totally unusable because windows 7 won't allow usb to be used instead of dvd. Why not fix the big problems because these are really major to me. And why don't you try getting the settings right. If I want to go to control panel there is no way to get there without going to microsoft or adobe first and get to it from there. Then there is the problem of always 'attracting' the settings on the screen just when you are doing something you dont' need to be interrupted, but when I TRY- try hard to swipe it on the start screen my blood pressure goes sky high because it just won't come on the screen. These are real problems. This is a system I can do without. This is like having a tablet that cost 50 bucks and then it gets worse. The games 'included' on windows 8 are a one-time use only. You can't go anywhere on windows 8 to reset them. The card games are the same game but you can't reset that. All the apps want money to start instead of being 'included' and usable. All the apps that are pre-installed. A big waste of money. I am sad and mad and frustrated. There is nothing to write to or make documents, no calculator, no address book, no nothing. and you can't save anything to usb. Nothing is right about this machine. HP notebook. with windows 8.