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Hello Mike. You wrote :
Hello, this is a new forum that has become publicly available and is designed for use on July 29th, 2015.

Not much has happened since then. What is the story here ? Is this a dud ?

Have a great summer. JP.
Not much has happened since then? Well most home users upgraded to Windows 10 and stopped using IE11, so thats one thing that happened.. Also... if you entered the insider program and you did Skip Ahead or any ring you're going to have to wait until the next official build is released or attempt to roll back the installation with recovery options within 10 days. Here is a link to the media creation toolkit to reinstall Windows 10 or get the official boot media:

May I also suggest that your friend back up their computer system so if their HDD fails they can recover from backup. Best of luck. Have a great summer.

Jean Parrot

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Mike, hello.
What I had in mind was that contrary to the spread of W-10, this site does not have that many interventions as compared to the defunct Windows Secrets that merged with another site, great loss. The first input here, by you, was in July 2015. Since then, there are about 20 messages. On Secrets, we would get this many in a morning or afternoon.
I am replying to you on an 8.1 machine, my other 5 machines run W-10 Insiders 18932, the latest, I believe. So, great things are happening on the W-10 realm. My correction.
As to the lost HDD, let me say that this user is beyond learning, the binary world escapes him. In my procedure, I do clones at least monthly if not twice a month. I use Acronis and had to revert a few times in the last 6 to 7 years. What an escape. Also, it is much quicker to clone a machine rather than having it D/L a new version. All my W-10 machines suffer my clones.
We are having fun, are we not ? A great day to you. I am leaving to go fly-fishing for a few trout for supper. JP.


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Hello all. Which activator activate windows 10 or 8.1 that it work minimum 1 year? Thanks
If you need OEM activator you can find it in several sites, Amazon or Cdiscount...ect, for me i prefere codekey-activation dote com, is the cheapest one. It works for lifetime.

If you want retail activator you need to buy it from Microsoft directly, but it is so expencive.

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shankar s

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I turned laptop on this evening and BANG!... Windows Updates is downloading Win10. First it says: Getting system files. Then it checks that ur machine meets the hardware specifications. Lastly it says: Downloading Windows 10, 2735 megabytes... I am happy and a bit nervous at the same time. Happy cuz it's been a looooong wait, nervous cuz my Windows 8.1 is working perfectly, just how i like it and im worried Win10 will have bugs & be un-stable...or that i'm not able to get back Windows 8.1 even with a 'system Image'.

Will anyone else wait a few weeks/months and not let Windows Updates download Windows 10? Or will u guys just trust in Uncle Microsoft and dive right in to the latest that its got to offer... ??
Trying to come up with a reasonable answer at this particular point in time is almost impossible. If it were a normal day, perhaps the process would proceed normally, but because of the probable load on the Servers, it might take longer than you would expect to get even parts of the process completed.

From what I have been seeing, they have not yet turned on the upgrade install. Perhaps 11 am Pacific time might bring us some news...

And Dipin, if you had the install.esd file it is fairly complicated to change it into an .iso. Windows 10 does have an option for downloading from another system on your LAN. Whether it will be able to do that might depend on whether you are upgrading both systems at the same time, which I choose not to do.