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May 3, 2012
I have had Microsoft’s OS's from DOS 1 to Windows 8 and I worked with Windows professionally since it first came out but I cannot figure out Windows 8. It looks to me like an oversize cell phone. Now I'm 65 today and it really bothers me not to use Windows 8 but I have just a regular cell phone. I love my computers but maybe I should just stick with Windows 7 and let the youngsters go with Windows 8 because I cannot see any value in it for me unless I'm missing something. I don't do anything with my cell phone except talk with it. I don't have a problem studying and using Windows 8 but since I'm a lonely guy with no friends or family what good would it do me?

I don't have a problem studying and using Windows 8 but since I'm a lonely guy with no friends or family what good would it do me?
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To answer your question, I guess the short response would be nothing much. But;
With your vast background and experience at 65, I suspect you might very well be able to bring some perspective and reason to bare on the new OS. I think, if you should decide to do so, sharing your opinions and thoughts regarding what you might find good and or bad about Windows 8 could very well prove helpful to others.
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I'm 73 and using Windows 8 as well.

My approach is to pretend that it's not Windows 8! LOL

I install two applications, Classic Shell and Rocket Dock.
Then I use it the same way I use Windows 7 which also has these apps installed.

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This looks almost exactly like my Windows 7 desktop.
I ignore the start screen completely.
I still open video in Windows Media Player, and I don't use any of the other apps either.

I added a command to the start folder that opens the desktop so it loads right to it and that's it.

I would have gone back to just using Windows 7 except for the fact that I do see an improvement in performance in Windows 8.


Ps. I'll add that I just recently bought an iPad so I do see the point of an operating system like this, just not for PCs.

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I'm not bothered by the metro start as I use it for other things like the weather app and cookbook app as well as some others. Win8 is great for gaming, I love that. And new features like my laptop has volume buttons, so when I press up or down it shows up on the screen to let me know what level im at. Also does this with brightness. The hardware compatabilty is very good, its still in the development stage and not alot of hardware vendors are supporting it yet, but microsoft is putting drivers out there and working with vendors to push things along which is great. I have some bugs due to the beta drivers, like the sound and video. The sound will glitch every now and then, and the video driver does not have intel display software to adjust settings. I did a work around though, I loaded win7 video driver, adjusted my 3d settings, then went back to the win8 newer driver. Why ? because the newer driver works great on games, hard to believe a beta driver does better then the others lol. But every pc is different.

To me I'd say upgrade, If not for Metro then do it for better performance. I have a blast multi-tasking and music,gaming, watching movies. Its awsome, if your a skilled windows user then its pretty easy to work around the bugs with hardware. Its nothing major.

Well sorry to double post, internet was slow so it got posted twice :(

I love the sound on win8 too, its really awsome to listen to music. must be HD or something :)

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