Windows 8 What can you do in Windows 8 that you can't do in Windows 7?


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I was thinking about this today.

When I upgraded from XP to Windows 7 there were new features that were obvious.
Like Snap better CD writing apps in the software, etc.

I was trying to come up with things that are different from Windows 7 in Windows 8 other then the user interface.

I'm looking for things that actually makes it easier to do something, like snap which I love and use constantly.

I like Windows 8 and will probably upgrade just for the performance increase.

But, are there really any new features, things you can do in Windows 8, or that are easier to do in Windows 8 then they were in Windows 7?

I'll be 74 in a few days so my brain isn't as fast as it once was, but I'm really having a hard time coming up with things that are a real improvement in Windows 8. I would like to say that the search engine is a lot better, but I got in the habit of using Agent Ransack when I was using 7 so I haven't given it a real chance.

If you can think of anything please list them, I'd seriously like to see a real comparison of what makes Windows 8 different and better, excluding the performance boost, and a different UI.

I've looked and I haven't found a real comparison that points out the differences beyond the UI, (which is pretty much all anyone discusses).

Hi Mike,

Here's a few articles you may find interesting, if you haven't read them already,

Windows 8 Release Preview vs. Windows 7: Benchmarked | ZDNet

Windows 8 Preview Beats Windows 7 in Most Performance Tests | PCWorld

It seems that every one pushes the amazing boot speed to get people excited about Win. 8, but most people don't really care how fast it boots up, like you and I, we're interested in its features, how it performs to our needs and is it really better than Windows 7.

In most instances on my PC, I have found that everything runs a little smoother and a tad quicker or I may be just delusional as I recall saying, under the Metro UI and Start Screen and some other added features, you are running Windows 7.

Like every OS before it, there's always going to be something someone doesn't like and there will be a work around for it, so I guess in the nutshell, nothing has really changed.

Hi Again:

Well I guess I'm not the only person who can't think of anything.

That doesn't mean that it isn't worth it just for the performance boost but there must be some things that work better or are easier to do in Windows 8?

I thought I'd at least learn a few things that I didn't' know when I posted this. LOL

Has anyone used the search function enough to have an opinion as to whether it's better then the one in Windows 7?
I hated the one in 7, it couldn't find things that I was sitting and looking at right in front of me.

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I'm not copping out but, 1st of all, I'll give you a couple links to info about Win8 Features.

Windows8 features - Bing
Windows8 features vs Windows7 - Bing

Now, I'll try to list a few things, from personal use & knowledge.

> Yeah, faster boot, but, not a huge thing for most Folks w/out stop-watches, lol. Although, the differential can be quite large. More of interest is the impressive performance after boot.
> Big difference in resource handling, use & hardware demands.
> Easier, more direct, more readily available & quicker to find things or get to certain things (less digging, fewer clicks). Big factor here is the Power Users menu & Search from the middle of nowhere on Start.
> Much less has to be 'added' (to the OS). Flash, Reader, Security, Drivers for some examples... mostly, just Java (now) missing.
> Amazing graphics.
> Depth & breadth of compatibility for both software & hardware.

I like the (NEW) picture log-in.

Many of the feature differences, enhancements & improvements, relate to biz concerns.

As for the so-called Metro UI, not a big excitement to me. I only use it to hit the Desktop tile @ Boot-up. I, certainly, may use a couple of 'APPs' but, personally, I am 100% on Desktop... access everything, do everything there or from there.

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More food-for-thought Mike,

I've been paying a little more attention to some differences between the 2 and I've noticed that there are some programs/devices that did not work so well on 8 as they do on 7, maybe/hopefully that will be corrected when the final cut is released.
I also ran the WEI on both and much to my surprise, Windows 8 RP failed, take a look;

Windows 7

Windows 8




I'm not seeing the same thing.


Performance Image.JPG

I was going to attach my specs from Windows 7 but I realized that they are on a different scale.

In Windows 7 I think the scale is 1 to 7.9 (why I have no idea) and in Windows 8 it's 1 to 9.9 (why not 10?) so it makes comparison a matter of mathematics I don't have the patience to do.

The only thing that seems consistent is the hard drive speed it's the same on both 5.9.
But Windows 8 stats are higher on my computer then those in Windows 7.

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Mike, These are a couple of the things I like that you cannot have in Win 7.

I use the Charms Bar to go to User options - Settings, Change PC Settings. I also find it easier and quicker to use the Power Users Menu, Win + X.

These are just 2 things of many that I have found beneficial in addition to the better performance.