What do you want out of your OS?


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Not sure If I wrote the title of this discussion correctly. Let me try some other ways

"What should my OS do for me?"
"What do I expect from an OS?"
"How involved with my everyday is my OS?"
"My OS is trying to rule me"

My basic argument (which may or may not be an argument) is that when I think of the PURPOSE of an operating system I can list all the functions on one hand. Those functions are all I want and all I need.

Please tell me if you think I am wrong!

Function 1>Work with all my hardware: No matter how old or how new (within reason 2038 vid-cards may not work)

Function 2>Give me access to my Programs: Again old or new I expect my OS to run them all.

Function 3>Give me access to my files: A simple tree or list with some sorting features maybe a thumbnail or two.

That is it.

So with that said why the hell does every OS (Minus -dos, -linux, -unix, etc) try and handhold me through a million tweaks that it doesn't belong tweaking. The Windows7 volume control I will use as an example.

I understand how volume controls work I know if I have the master at half and everything else at full the MASTER will still only output half. So why the hell does win7 find the need to move all my sliders at the same time? If I set my master to 50 exactly and drag ventrillo or winamp upwards I hit that line and raise my master. WTF. Just let my raise my programs to 100% and leave my master down. You have to use keyboard combo's to keep from overdragging. Am I alone in this boat?

There are a few other things. Like not letting me choose old style windows views. (I have hacked mine up with ClassicShell and DLL Tweaks) But the point is why have I had to?

[rant]Microsoft needs to stop "Improving" their windows for those of us that don't need the help. I want to start my machine and have instant access to my programs and files. I mean a computer with nothing but an OS should be useless, when an OS's tries not to be useless problems occur. M$ needs to stop trying to make the OS the main feature of a computer. It is really just there to give me access to my Firefox, Photos and video files. Why not just improve the inner working without all the damned shiny new gadgets.[/rant]

Sorry, needed to get that off my chest. Comment-Criticize below.

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