What System Security Do You Use On Your Windows/Mac/Linux?


Dec 29, 2020
Hello Everyone.
My security goes like this: Bitdefender Total Security+Voodoo-Shield+Simple Windows Hardening.
Second opinion malware scanners: Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool+Norton Power Eraser+Emsisoft Emergency Kit+Malwarebytes Free+HitmanPro(paid) & Eset Online Scanner.
How do you secure your system?:)
Adblocker: Adguard(sytem wide)
All my home systems have EPP software, a firewall, a web shield, regular patching, software updates and have FDE on them. Any critical data is backed up to the cloud. I also run a perimeter firewall/UTM appliance.
Bitdefender Total Security, Voodooshield Free & Adguard Desktop.
Second Opinion Scanners: Sophos Virus Removal Tool, HitmanPro, Norton Power Eraser & Emsisoft Emergency Kit.:rolleyes:
I build my Windows security from the ground and up.. via installation help from: WE WILL HELP YOU TO INSTALL WINDOWS CORRECTLY
This means:
- Separating the Administrators account from my user-account (that is an regular User-account with proper UAC-settings)
- proper privacy-settings that heavily reduses the snooping from ad-companies, Microsoft etc....
- all the security related settings mentioned here: Help-files? What do they do! (as you see they are way too many to print here!)
- Since I have an Office-licens we all use OneDrive as an Off site storage for all our important private files.
- Most of us USE THE WINGUIDER-METHOD TO EASILY CREATE MORE SECURE PASSWORDS (found here: Tips & Trix) combined with help to:
- PROTECT YOUR ACCOUNTS FROM UNWANTED PASSWORD CHANGES! also found in the above Tips& trix (It seems like: Way to many people beleive that security products CREATE proper security, and even forgets to user more secure passwords.. not to mention those who always sign in with administrative rights)
- And in my router I have activated the guest-network, that I use for my Smart-tvs and my other IOT-things.. to keep them off our "own" wifi network.
- And to that I use an antivirus software of my choise on every suitable unit..

That is just about it! :)
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