Windows 10 When I click a folder visual studio starts


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Jan 18, 2022
Hi when I click a folder visual studio starts - instead of exploring that folder. So I can not explore folders on my computer.
The same happens when I click "documments" or "pictures" in windows start - visual studio starts instead of windows explorer.
How to fix it?
Sounds like your registry associations may be incorrect.

Those are folder and directory associations you should be able to add in. To add them in, save them to your desktop and then doubleclick them. They should want to merge with the current registry, but that is just overwriting the incorrect ones. After you do that, restart your computer and see if it’s all fixed.
I have updated those registry keys but with no effect.
It still opens visual studio when I click a folder :/
I have uninstalled Visual Studio and now when I click a folder... it seems like "Take Ownership" is taking effect. So it looks like this:

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