Where are my Hotmail e-mails?

Just before I go, I have an account with an address containing Pinnacle, how do I delete or cancel that account please, I have a Hotmail account and so does my wife so we don't Pinnacle.

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No idea on that one. But if there is no payment involved, just delete it -possibly with a right click. Maybe another member has info on it.


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In order to actually delete and close the Pinnacle email account you will most likely need to contact Pinnacle and ave them remove it. However, you can simply delete it from whichever email client you use and you won't see it any more.

I have three Hotmail addresses!

Hotmail rb@pncl.co.uk (me)

Hotmail jb@hotmail.co.uk (wife)

Hotmail2 rb@pncl.co.uk (me)

It's all very confusing. The first one is not for use in Hotmail but is my email address for another provider altogether. The next two Hotmail address are correct so, how do I get rid of the incorrect one please?



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You only have two hotmail addresses, Ron. The first is NOT such.Have you tried the suggestions?

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