Where is Windows XP Mode in Windows 8?


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I saw a MS video in which the Windows chief said that "what we have done, we took all good things from Windows 7 and put them in Windows 8". So there should be Windows Xp mode too in Windows 8. Is that there in Windows 8? Or does Windows 8 run all software which Windows 7+XP Mode runs? Also would it be possible to dual boot Windows 7 with Windows 8? Kindly inform.:)


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Hi, not seen xp mentioned in that respect re win 8 but I'll check up for you. In the meantime here's a guide on how to dual boot with win 7 and 8:

How to Dual-Boot Windows 7 and Windows 8 Side By Side


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Doesn't look like there will likely be an XP Mode option available for Windows 8. At least not so far as Windows 8 Release Preview, it will not get past the "Activiation" portion of downloading and obtaining XP Mode / Virtual PC.
With their emphasis moving on toward VHDs and Hyper-V and their actual Virtual PC product seemingly halted at its' 2007 product version, I suspect that you will likely either need to employ one of these options or look towards something like Virtual Box of VMplayer for a solution. Unlike XP Mode, you will need your own licensed copy of XP in order to move forward with any of these.

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