White screen on 5943g

The screen on my Acer Aspire 5943g often goes white after beein in sleep mode. Restarting it doesn't fix the problem. The machine is standing in one place all the time, connected with HDMI to a 24" monitor (I get picture on the monitor, but only white on the machine screen). Disconnecting/reconnecting does not solve it either.

If I choose "Duplicate screens" in the screen settings, the screen goes back to normal. If I go back to "Expand screens", the screen goes back to plain white again. However, if I change it to "Show only on screen 1" before I switch back to "Expand screens", the problem is solved.

I need to do this every time this happens (about 3/5 time I wake the machine up from sleep), and it is very annoying. The machine is about five months old, and the problem first occured one month ago. I have tried to update drivers. I work at a computer store, and none of my coworkers have found a fix for it either. I rather not go through a recovery, as I have a lot of applications, games etc. installed.

I really hope someone have a permanet fix for this, as it is very annoying.

Thanks :)

Bump. This is still happening :(

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