Why is Windows 7 Search function so bad?

I just gotta post about this, because what a dumb thing to wreck the basic search functionality on computers we paid a lot of money for. Dedicated PC user for forever - yet - I am seriously thinking I have got to bite the bullet for a mac next time which ticks me off but this is ridiculous. Never thought I'd miss that little dog search companion but at least he could find files.

If I search for something on my computer, I get every result that has the word in it, apparently. Not bad you say, but what if I am looking for something named that? I have no ability to search the FILE NAME -- now why is that??? I should have the ability to search file name or contents, right? For God's sake, who is the silly person who changed this search feature?

I should also be able to filter it to just look for images, or by extension or something. Basic stuff these days, Microsoft!! BASIC.

Can anyone tell me, is there something I am missing - I've looked everywhere and I cannot find anything that makes this search work in any real way. Really disappointed and really sick of companies coming out with big time touted new OS's and software and hardware and going BACKWARDS. I don't pay top dollar for BACKWARDS.


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My experience has been that for some reason it just doesn't work some times.
it could not find things that I was looking at right in front of me.

I never had a problem with XP.

I ended up using a free app called Agent Ransack.
it seems to work well for me.

Agent Ransack - Download

For what it's worth Windows 8 seems to work better.


I just copied and pasted on my iPad for the first time.

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keltoid, I doubt you're missing anything. I'm highly annoyed by these "small changes" they make with each OS. I don't think they make the changes in order to improve things, they just make them for their own fun. I'm not saying they try to make life more difficult for us plain mortals, I just hint that the result may be it.

Never tried the program Mike suggests, probably it's good. Another option is to try another Explorer, I've used
FreeCommander - freeware file manager quite happily, more can be found at

Search for freeware and shareware downloads at SnapFiles.com

Sometimes it's sane to ponder whether a fight against the Wind mills is worth it?

I just copied and pasted on my iPad for the first time.
Good for you, I guess. :)

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