Why Windows 7 will crush Linux


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Bottom line is I think Window 7 is poised to do what former Windows versions have not done, and that is to keep enterprises (and many consumers) happy with Windows and not motivated to take on the Linux learning curve and switch. I hold no animosity towards any of the other OSs. In fact, I love technology and think that diversity is what makes this industry awesome.


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I'm not buying it.

As far as i can tell there are four main reasons people use Linux:
1: Open source. Sure he mentions there's open source software for Windows but that's not new to Win7 and the OS itself still isn't, and probably never will be, open source.

2: It's free. Good luck on that one MS!

3: Sticking it to the man. Once again theres really nothing MS can do about this.

4: Low resources & handhelds. MS might be trying to break in here with Windows7, i've heard vague rumours of ARM builds, but from what i've seen Linux still has MS beaten hands down and probably always will. Or at least for a good deal of time yet. There's already flavours of Linux that are appropriate for this purpose. Windows7 isn't. There was a post on another thread on this forum where someone had said they got RAM usage down to 300-400MB(and if he's reading this i'd love to know how, lowest i could get was 700~) but that's still too way, way too much for this. There are modern flavours of Linux that can run in the single digits of megabites, if not less!

Windows7 is probably more appropriate for most users then Linux. But so is WindowsXP and Vista. There's little specific to Windows7 for this. And it's more because of compatibility with commercial software then anything inherent to the operating systems. You can't even really compare Windows7 with "Linux" because there is simply too much variation on Linux builds. He mentions that Win7 installs easier, for example, but ubuntu installs just as easily. In fact they both install more or less exactly alike as there's really no other way to do it. Pop the CD in fill out a bit of location/username/drive info and away you go. If anything ubuntu is easier, at least if your trying to maintain mutliple OSes on different partitions.

The general press that Vista sucked may have motivated more people to try Linux, and Windows 7 so far has much better word of mouth which should help. But it won't "crush" anything. Most people who use Linux as their primary desktop aren't going to switch for Windows7, some people who may have been considering switching to Linux because of Vista may not. But that's a far stretch from "crush"ing.


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Good reply :D


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I'm no geek but I doubt my son will buy Windows7 to run his servers. He has Vista and XP now and is choosing to run Linux on his computers for development work. For running applications, he leans towards Windows.


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I've always run Linux on my servers, but I will always run Windows on my PC and laptop. I have tried Linux as a desktop solution and I find it to be very frustrating. I'd rather pay the $150-300 to get a good operating system. I also play a lot of games, and I just can't be bothered finding ways to make them work with Linux. :rolleyes:

Linux will never be crushed by windows for so many reasons, but I'll just pick the top one....ummm...price!

Now, advanced functions are also are also much more prevelant in Linux, however theres a huge learning curve. I like both....each tool has its specific purpose.


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Hi All

Still in back in the land of the Living --am doing a bit of travelling in Europe at the moment so not too much time to post on the Forums.

Linux is STILL the nr 1 system for network servers etc.

Much as I like Windows 7 there is NO WAY that in the Server environment Windows will displace Linux.

Linux on a desktop is really a dead issue now -- but for SERVERS Linux still rules the roost. -- Even on these Forums just look at the hassles people have of getting Windows XP and Windows 7 computers to see each other on a small network.

Networking on Linux is REALLY SIMPLE and with FREE applications like SAMBA etc sharing resources with Windows computers is no problem -- whereas sometimes just getting a Windows network to share resources makes you want to throw your computer out on to the street.,



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jimbo45<Linux on a desktop is really a dead issue now> Why? Oh Why? Oh Why? lol! I think GNU/Linux is great on a desktop. Ubuntu is painless, as easy to use as Windows. When will Windows get into the virtual desktop? The compiz-fusion application is VERY cool :). Personally I use gNewSense as it's totally free, in all definitions. If I were smarter I'd actually be able to diddle and manipulate it! As it is it works very well, and is very quick. The one thing that Windows definitely has hands down is it's "ability" to run games, but the Gnu/Linux developers are working on that issue as we speak. Chow for now!

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