Win 7 7022 fail on the installation final step

After the last reboot when the installation is on the final step, the display after the reboot is all black and on the right down corner of the screen I see the win version. I wait a lot of time(30..40 min) and nothing is happen, in all this time my mouse appear o n the screen, I can move it but I cant accessing any win futures.

I hope to tell me someone what is the problem .


Maybe some installation file corrupted. Maybe DVD scratched.
Startup repair?
Maybe try this DVD on other PC, maybe burn .ISO in other DVD and then try.
Set all bios settings to DEFAULT. All without exceptions.
What happens when you rebbot your PC? Same? Is it possible to get in to safe mode?

My dvd is ok ...same problem with lower version 7000, same black screen

I have a dual core system with video ati 3450


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when i installed win7, i didn't need to run of a disk, i just opened the .exe file or whatever it was

So, you say it's possible to ugprade windows without restarting to overwrite all system files?

I got it...I have all this time plug-in the dvi-hdmi cable...because of that my installation fail for all the windows version(even I try Xp profesinal and get same problem):razz:

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