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    hi everyone,

    first of all i would like to say i am sorry about my english language, because i write from hungary.

    i have a brand new laptop (Samsung NP-RV508-A01HU) and i installed a win7 ultimate. the installation was succesfull but after that when it did the first restart the system give me an error message: 0xc0000255.
    i tried to fine solution in google but nothing helped me.
    - i cannot change ACPI (enabled/disable) in bios because it does not exist there.
    - i cannot repair with the install CD because i had an error message again: the win cannot repair this problem.
    - i cannot use a system recovery cd because it does not start after restart (ofcourse it is an ISO file)

    oh i almoust forget it. i installed x64, x84 and XP as well.
    when XP was installed, the system worked well.
    when x64 was installed i had 0xc0000225 error message
    when x84 was installed after the restart was displayed that the windows is starting but nothing was happened (like frosing)

    so i tried everything what i found in google but nothing was help me, so you are my last chance.
    PLS help me.

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    It seems you may have some device that does not play well with Win 7. Can you disconnect any nonessential devices and try again?

    There may be some other files you can check for problems, so check this Microsoft site. It may be a long file but the error will probably be near the bottom with some type of "Failed" message.

    Do you have the option during boot to hit F8 and boot into safe mode?

    Some posts seem to indicate it is related to a partition. How did you format the Win 7 partition?
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