Win & CPU & Resource Hog?

I have a Win 7 64 bit desktop system -

Opening taskmanager I see that with no programs running, no windows open the CPU usage meter is sitting at about 25% - what's going on?

My previous XP Pro machine would idle at a few percent CPU usage at most.

Gigabyte GA EP45-UDR3
Intel Q6600
G. Skill 4GB DDR 2
WD Black 1TB (system)
WD My Book Home 1TB - storage
Samsung 500GB - storage

well - I made one discovery -

wmpntwrk.exe was using 25% CPU with the system at idle - that's where the CPU power was going.

I uninstalled / disabled the media center options and voila! 0 % CPU usage when idle.

what a hog!!!

there's something wrong with that to use so much power.

I wondered why my system felt "slow"!!!

now I have to figure out what the advantages to having the media center running all the time might be . . . .

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