Win10 admin problems


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I have everything running smoothly on my standard account but the admin account is problematic.
--When I download a photo and try to open it, I get a message: Invalid value for registry -- photo will not open. I ran a sfc scan and nothing came up as being corrupt. So no solution.
--The apps that I use on my standard account do not appear on the admin. Media files for example-it is in the document folder on standard - on admin, when I click on "audio files" thinking it will be there, it tells me my mp3 player is not connected.
-- The setting for the taskbar - i.e. transparency does not work - not transparent color, only solid. I only mention all of this as I am concerned about this OS update downloading, installing and correctly working.
I have been on the admin account more lately as I am doing system imaging with Macrium so I have been exploring it. Not comfortable with it.
SO! Is it possible that this upgrade will cure some of the admin problems or will it in fact mess up my standard account settings. They work fine! Thanks.


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These settings are often stored in your user registry hive (obviously not shared between accounts). The easily solution would be to create a new admin account and just copy over your data.


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To further my question, when you say copy over data, this is my data I am to copy over, correct.? Windows will take care of the necessary settings.