Windows 8.1 Win10 Explorer Replacements/Mods


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(hey mods, there's no Windows 10 thread prefix)

Hey before I start downloading and testing, I figured I'd ask first.

My ideal windows explorer would have one simple function, and that's that when I navigate to a folder -> it switches to the window of any preexisting explorer window open to that same folder.
You see my taskbar can get quite crowded, and so often my habit is to do Win+E then find a folder instead of actually checking go to the one that's currently open.
Honestly, if windows behaved like that, that's all I would need.

But does anyone know of a cool explorer/shell replacement that does something like that (and more)?
A little digging turned up this useful thread in which they discuss various replacements. I'm going to try out QTTabBar because I don't want to re-learn a whole new UI due a major overhaul of explorer. Even though it would probably save me a few milliseconds in keypresses, oh well.

Xyplorer (a replacement to windows explorer)

Oh! And QTTabBar has exactly that feature I wanted!