Windows 10 Win10 HP Laptop won't recognize HP external optical drive


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Nov 26, 2016
I have a 2016 HP Spectre Notebook, product Number T9Y18AV. It has two USBc ports. I am trying to connect an HP External USB DVDRW Drive, Product number: F2B56UT.

Windows explorer shows HP DVD assigned to the letter Z:. When I clecik on that drive, I get the error message, "To gain access to this folder you will need to use the security tab." There is however, no clear action to be taken on the security tab.

I have tested the laptop's USB drive and they are working fine with flashdrives.

How can I get the laptop to recognize and be able to use the external drive?
Sounds like it's working correctly. Did you have a disc in it otherwise it will throw an error because there isn't a disc.
Did you try to connect the external DVD writer to a different working windows computer? such as a desktop PC? If it doesn't work, or doesn't have a disc in it as neem says, it could throw an error. Also, if the DVD writer doesn't work on a different computer, you might try cleaning it and using isopropyl alcohol to clean the laser lens. If it still doesn't work on another computer, that DVD writer could be bad. How long have you had it? Is it brand new or several years old. If so, it simply might be time to replace it with a new working unit. They can be had on or amazon for about $35 US.

If you have a disc in the optical drive, unbend a paperclip and push it inside a tiny hole to open the drive at the front bevel. Remove the disc and connect to your laptop. If your optical drive is old, buy a cd cleaning disc to clean your optical drive.

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