Win7 64bit Pro eats up all my memory

Consistently when i install a new program on my OS 3.8 of my 4 GB of memory gets used. Even after the installation ends, the 3.8 Gigs of ram are still in use. I check my task manager, and i have no programs that are eating up anything close to that. My normal RAM usage is 1.2 GB. The only way to release the RAM is if i restart my PC.

I actually tried to contact MS tech support this afternoon, but they refused me service because i activated windows 7 more then 60(?) days ago apparently. But i have been having this issue for quite a while.

Any help is appreciated.


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While you are in Task Manager, click the Resource Monitor button on the Performance tab. Expand the Physical Memory window and look at how the memory is being allocated. You should be able to get a better idea of how it is being used.

please post system details

@Saltgrass did just that but i couldn't see where the memory was going.

My specs are as follows.

Q6600 Intel Quad 2.4ghz
CORSAIR XMS2 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800
My OS is on a WB500GB HD

thank you


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If you can't tell, one thing you might try is open that window. At the top is a listing of processes and how much memory they are using.

Use the snipping tool to take a picture of how it is being used prior to an install situation and the take picture after the memory is being used to see what has changed to take up that much memory. If you click at the top of the image column, it will arrange the processes my name so they won't move around. And you can expand the window by dragging it longer and wider.

According to your comments, something is using 2 GB of memory, which should be easy to find.

If you want to get a utility a little more informative than Task Manager, Microsoft has one you can download called Process Explorer. You can mouse over different processes and see much more detail.

If you want, you could attach a picture of your Resource Monitor window showing the Physical Memory section and maybe someone will see what might be going on.

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I was thinking about an onboard graphics issue but your mobo got none - that's why I asked. You say it's only when installing software and the used ram is not released - worth the question do you overclock cpu/ram?

I only see these sorta problems with overclocker

My normal RAM usage is 1.2 GB.

1.2 Gb can be quite normal when:

1. running many background processes
2. frequently opening and closing programs, superfetch is working (caching data)

Just to compare, my sys is quad core 9400 8 gb ram, 60-70 background processes (I use a lot) -> normally 950 Mb, sometimes it reaches 2.5 and even 6 Gb, depending on how I'm using it.

I just started experiencing memory problems in the last week or so. Sometimes it only take a few minutes and 93% of my memory is full. Sometimes it takes 2 or three hours. Computer lags badly and locks up temporarily. Very Slow. I've read many of the threads in this forum and tried most of the "cures". Still have the problem. Checking processes, memory usage and services in task manager show nothing out of the ordinary. Would hate to go through a clean install. Will take too long to recover.

DFI Lanparty cfx3200 MoBo
3 Gb Memory 2.5-3-2-2
2 ATI HD2600 Pro graphic in Cossfire mode

I've run Win 7 Ultimate for a good 8 months with no problems. Went through the setup for the media center recently and 13 new Windows updates. Restored to a date before without effect.

Correction to my last post.

DFI Lanparty cfx3200 MoBo
3 Gb Memory 2.5-3-2-5
2 ATI HD2600 Pro graphic in Cossfire mode

Do you have the "Superfetch" service running?

Win7 manages memory differently than XP or 2000. There will never be "empty memory" on a Win7 system. The superfetch service tries to pre-load files and dlls you use the most so they are available in memory rather than having to load them from disk all the time. This memory is not unavailable, if your system needs it it is instantly available but it will appear full when you check it. If you open process monitor you will find that most of your memory is marked as "standby" ... as good as free, but filled with stuff "just in case" you need it.

This can be an advantage if you run basically the same programs each day. They will load faster and appear smoother when in use...
But it can also be a disadvantage if you run different stuff all the time. This can slow you down as everything loads from disk every time.

Personally I turn the Superfetch off ...
Disable Windows 7 SuperFetch

Seems my problems started when configuring Window Media Center. I found another forum that indicated WMPNetwk.exe was eating the memory. It was using and keeping 2.5 GB when I found it in resource monitor under the performance tab in task manager. I Disabled it and so far my memory usage has not gone above 50%. It also said to disable media sharing under the library tab in media player. The win 7 version doesn't appear to have that.

I hope MS will fix this bug. No way media player or media center should override memory control protocol.

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