window7 and window xp


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Sorry but I really don't understand the question.
Maybe you could give it another shot?



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I'm with Mike. But the link you provided shows a notebook with 1gb of ram. This wouldn't be powerful enough to run Windows 7.

I'm with Mike. But the link you provided shows a notebook with 1gb of ram. This wouldn't be powerful enough to run Windows 7.
Yup, one more just as confused. Didn't make sense to me either.
I find the same problem on the Suzuki forums too, since they are sold in almost every country of the world.
Quite often something gets lost in the translation.

But to expound on what little I do get from the OP and the link.........

I bought an Acer One Netbook, with XP and 1 gig of ram. It ran pretty good, but I thought it had a keyboard problem so I took it back to the store for an exchange. Well, that went off just fine but I found to my joy, that the replacement had 1.5 gig's of ram. Nice upgrade!
The ram on this netbook is NOT user upgradable.

Well, anyway, after repartitioning the hard drive and making a Ghost backup I decided to try Windows 7, Ultimate 32 on the little netbook.
The install went off without a hitch and everything worked, except the video was a little off. There are no W-7 video drivers for that little PC. So after a day or so of futzing around with it and not really liking the video, I just blew it off by doing a Ghost Restore of my Original Windows XP setup. Now I'm quite happy with the Netbook, running XP-Home, on just 1.5 gigs of ram. I have tweaked and tuned it, along with minimizing the number of Services and TSR's that run in the background. It really runs good and I use it a lot for testing Wi-Fi.

My Acer ONE Netbook, with a Wireless N, USB device, with a 7db antenna.

In conclusion, I really don't recommend using Windows 7 on such a small computer.
I find that most of the Windows 7 laptops that I've had to install, for my customers,
come with hard drives of 160 gig's or better and 2+ gig's of RAM.
Any PC will run Win-7 OK, if it's built for it.

Cheers Mates!
O.T. :cool:

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