Windows 10 (64) to Windows 7 (32)

Hello, new here and hoping someone can help me please,
I bought a Sony VAIO which came with Windows 10 (64) but i really dont like it and want to go back to Windows 7 (32) ...i have been trying to boot the USB installation of 7 but it keeps coming back with 'No OS Found' but i know the 7 boot USB works as i tried it on my other laptop - can anyone help me please? i want to completely wipe the Win10 HDD and put 7 on i.

Tried a factory reset but that just reset windows 10 after about 7 hours! i thought maybe it would take i back to Win 8.1 which the laptop originally came with but there is no 'old windows files' on the HDD.

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Well first you will want to confirm there are Windows 7 drivers available for the laptop as there may not be. Second enter BIOS on the laptop and change the boot mode from UEFI to legacy as your USB drive is probably formatted with an MBR partition scheme and not the newer GPT. Also verify your boot order is set such that your computer will try and boot to USB before the first HDD.

The UEFI to Legacy done the trick thank you.. thats where i was going wrong! thanks alot :)


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Also, why do you want to run your 64 bit computer with 32 bit Windows?

You can just install the 64 bit version of Windows 7 and all of your software 32 or 64 bit will run.

By installing the 32 bit version you will lose all the advantages of running 64 bit software on a computer that's built to run it.

If you continue having problems getting it to boot from the USB you might want to try installing from a DVD instead.

Here's a link to get the ISO file from Microsoft.
You will need to have a legitimate Windows 7 registration number.

Windows 7

Your computer should have no problem reading that.

Do you have a valid license for Windows 7?

If you don't you won't be able to authenticate your Widows 7 installation no matter how you do it.


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Personally, I'd keep 10 and just dual boot with windows 7. This way at start up you'll be given the choice on what OS to boot from.

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