Windows 10 Asking for Product Key

So I was downloading a video editing software today, but it turned out to be a fairly nasty virus. My computer blue screened numerous times as a result. And now, whenever I log in, Windows is asking me for the product key I was given when I purchased windows - but Windows was pre installed on my computer. I can't get into my computer at all. What do I need to do?


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That is probably part of the virus (not a real windows activation screen), turn the computer on and power it off three times and you should be able to get into safe mode. Go into the task manager and disable everything in start up and if you see any weird items, that is probably the virus.


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Yeah he is right and the phone number above that message proves it is a scam to sell you some useless repair. Once you get through this, time to look at worthless security you have that woudl let that in!

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