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Hi, I'm an IT Technician looking for Windows 10 related certifications to be able to pick up. So far the only one I've really seen for Windows 10 is the MCSA level certification but for that it looks like you have to be both Windows 7 and 8 certified first. Please help as I am looking to pick up Windows certifications related to my current job and field as an IT Technician. Any help or assistance that you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Ryan Baskett


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You'd be better off getting the A+, Network+ and Security+ if you haven't. The Microsoft desktop side certifications focus on enterprise desktop deployment. I would still get them if your looking to focus on that. There shouldn't be an prequistes for the MSCA certifications paths.
This is the desktopside Windows 10 cert: Microsoft Windows 10 Certifications | MCSA | Windows 10 Exam


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what country do you live | work in as most certs in Australia arn't worth the paper they are printed on... I agree the US | UK A+ is the best 1st step for anyone looking to make a living from computers.

I'm a US citizen and I'm already A+ and MTA certified. Looking to see what's next and yes, I am a professional IT Technician so I will working with Enterprise Desktop supported systems as well.


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As I stated before I would definitely get at least one network certification either Network+, CCENT or CCNA. The Network+ and CCENT both cover vendor neutral networking concepts and the CCNA covers vendor neutral and Cisco properitary iOS. The CCENT is cheaper than the Network+ and it has the added benefit that it counts as half of the CCNA if you decide to get it. Security+ looks good on a resume and also applied to desktop and server so it's good to have. From there I would ask yourself what do you want to do long term and then choose certs based on that. If you know what you are aiming for, let us known and I can suggest higher level certs for you. This is also a really good resource for exam and cert questions and information. Free MCTS MCITP CCNA CISSP and Network+ practice exams, study notes and forums

Well I definitely am interested in at least Security+. Thanks for the tips :)

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