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Hey guys I am new here, I am having a issue with my windows 10 install, I notice that the lock screen picture changes to a new picture however the login screen where you enter you password when you first boot up it stays the same cave picture is there a way I can fix this? I look forward to hearing from you thanks.

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Which build are you on. Press windows key + r , type winver


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  • Press [windows key + i]
  • Go to personalize
  • Lock Screen
  • Make sure "Show lock screen background picture on sign-in" is checked

thanks for the help

Hye guys just to add an update to my lockscreen and loginscreen here are images of what they look like as you can see they don't match * i also did another fresh install this morning* also I got the login pic off google so I know the date is not right but that does not apply to my actual system. I look forward to hearing from you guys thanks.
the build i am using is 1703 (15063.674)


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your network shows pics... have you got another windows system like a phone with that image?

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