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I am running Build 18361.1 and it is running great with the exception that it wants to update my display adaptor driver (hd 530). I am running the latest from intel which is Windows update is wanting to put in How do I stop it. It is not the right driver and causes my machine to slow down and scrolling becomes jerky at times.


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Just a suggestion? I am not sure how you can avoid it. But, I would allow it to install, to stop the nagging, and then roll back, if you can see you are still having graphic problems


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The operating system which many thought was going to be Windows 9 is in fact going to be called Windows 10.
The preview is apparently available tomorrow 1st October 2014.
Why the sudden change from windows 9 to windows 10? If the hype is to be believed then Windows 10 is such a change from previous operating systems that it needed an extra digit:

Windows 10 unveiled - Microsoft ushers in the next era of Windows by skipping 9

Windows 10 will be available late next year, preview coming tomorrow

Guru3D also ran a big article today on Windows 10:

Microsoft skips Windows 9, its now Windows 10

Signing up for Windows 10.

Many users will be wanting to know where they can get their hands on a copy of Windows 10 Preview. Luckily for us Mary Jo Foley has an article which includes the process of signing up:

Read the full article here:
Microsoft's Windows 10: What's new and how to get the preview bits | ZDNet
I read your article its amazing thanks for your information
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Gah Microsoft, pulling numbers out of their ass again

Also 10 seems to add features linux has had for eons now like virtual desktops.