Windows 10 is now a recommended update


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Microsoft recently made the Windows 10 upgrade a recommended one meaning if your settings in Windows updates is set to automatically install then you will automatically upgrade to Windows 10.
Here's a few tips from on how to avoid an unwanted upgrade:
If you really don’t want to perform the upgrade, don’t worry either. Here’s how to to check your Windows Update settings and turn off the option to automatically install these recommended updates.

  • If you’re running Windows 7, open the Control panel and go to the Windows Update section. Then select “change settings” on the left menu, and make sure to uncheck the box below “recommended updates“. Now, click OK at the bottom of the window, and you’re set!
  • On Windows 8.1, you can either use the Control panel and then follow the same process we described above on Windows 7, or you can use the “modern” Settings app. If you do that, just go to PC settings > Update and recovery > Windows update, and then select Choose how updates get installed. Now, please uncheck theRecommended updates box, then click on Apply below, and you’re good!
If you follow each of these processes correctly, the Windows 10 update will still be listed in the Windows Update panel, but it won’t install automatically on your machine and you won’t be annoyed by prompts asking you to do it either. Keep in mind that you’ll need to check for updates periodically to ensure that you don’t miss any important security updates.

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