Windows 10 lag

When I got win10 a few days ago it was fine but when I multi task it slows up for a minute then goes back to normal, When i play Asphalt 8 or any other games my Whole system lags, Even when using Edge and watching a movie on Netflix using the app. Even my mouse moves weird, I cant keep up with this when playing games

My Specs



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For starters, have a look in your startup tab in the task manager, and see if you have anything there which could be creating an overload.
But, only my opinion, I think a combination of a dual core CPU and only 3GBs ram is a little marginal for streaming.

There a file called system which seem to be the highest right now



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@Javier Gordon The start up tab is this one
Screenshot (86).png

I see a file called system that seems to be taking up a lot of memory-275.1MB to 284.1MB


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Javier. Read the two posts and ensure you are looking at the Start up tab.

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