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I know that several windows 7, 8 and 8.1 are receiving notification to reserve their Windows 10 download on July the 29th.
Does anyone knows how the preview/technical insider will download a copy. In my case I bought a new machine (with 8.1) to test windows 10, several months ago. At this moment the only OS I have on that machine is Windows 10 (build 10130). Do you think that I've to return once again to 8.1 to receive my notification?



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From what's rumored according to a few tech websites, 10 is supposed to be free for Windows Insiders, too. Not sure how true that is, though. Go to and post a tweet to Microsoft's Gabe Aul. He should be able to answer it for you.


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P.S. Don't waste your time trying the official Twitter app in build 10130. I tried it a few times and it won't work in this build.
I received the notification of the update but there is no where to sign up for it. Can anybody help me out because I really want to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10.


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Has anyone verified the rumor that it will indeed be free for Windows Insiders? I made a video to get the word out but still cannot find valid information from Microsoft confirming this.



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I am on the phone now with Microsoft and the windows 10 answer desk said yes you can download from Windows Insider. You will have to be running a version of what you tested in order to do so. For example If you were running Windows 8 or 8.1 Professional when you downloaded from Windows Insider then that is the free copy you will get. If you were running just Windows 8.1 OEM then you would get the home version. Now I said I wasn't going back to 10 preview but just now I was told if that is what I had when I signed up for Windows Insider I will get my Windows 10 Pro installed rather the home.

Just to clarify I was running Windows 8.1 Pro at the time of joining Windows Insider. The trouble now is my windows 8 pro will not install correctly anymore.

So I lied. Back to windows 10 pro preview to get the copy of windows I want.


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I have 2 custom built PCs running win 7 enterprise. How does an end user upgrade to Win 10 as the enterprise version does not qualify for the free upgrade.