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i have recovered my windows 10. Now it is on windows os version 1511 and it updates till os build 10586.962 (i.e the last os build of 1511). but it is not upgrading after that to os version 1607 and more. what should i do? is there ny problem with my os or something else i need to know?


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I think the next upgrade is the Creators Upgrade.
Go to All settings > Update & Security: there you will read
Good news! The Windows 10 Creators Update is on its way. Want to be one of the first to get it?
Yes, show me how

Follow the instructions there.

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no 1607 i.e anniversary update is next.... creatures update is after that i.e 1701...
is there any news by microsoft that it stops windows 10 starting updates i.e 1511 like other os (like windows 8 or others)


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Hi there,
The CU version is actually v1703, not v1701. Small detail. And you're right about the AU (v1607). What you do need to know is that I've done about a dozen W10 upgrades from earlier windows versions, W7/W8x and W10 v10240, v1511, v1607 to the current v1703 (CU) mentioned. In all but 1 case (which interestingly enough just occurred for the first time on a Customer laptop this week!), you cannot upgrade directly from any of the earlier W10 versions starting with the RTM version released on July 29th, 2015. So, in 99% of the cases, you most likely have a hardware compatibility that exists, or an app that isn't liked by the new v1703 version, or a driver issue. When you attempted to run the upgraded to v1703, did you remember to run the all important W10 COMPATIBILITY TEST? If not, you can try it again using the following instructions here:
Get Compatibility Report for Windows 10 in Window 7 and 8.1
Remember, that even if your Compatibility Test passes after you resolve all found issues, that still doesn't guarantee success. You also have to go visit the computer manufacturer's website, and verify they have driver support for your exact machine, a serial number check is best, to see if the manufacturer has driver-level support on their website and new drivers, especially BIOS, Chipset, and GPU support for your aging hardware. If they don't, it's unlikely that your v1703 upgrade will run to completion at all.:headache:

The good news, is that you can use the free W10 UPGRADE ASSISTANT to help you attempt the upgrade if your machine meets the above requirements. However, as we help hundreds of people here every month with the same problem you are having, we have found that in all but the one case above, (at least for me), you cannot upgrade this way AUTOMATICALLY, you have to use the W10 UPGRADE ASSISTANT to get from your old W10 version to the newest v1703 CU version.

With all of this being said, if you get to this point and STILL cannot upgrade to v1703 CU, you're best bet is the CLEAN INSTALL using the Microsoft MCT tool available here: Download Windows 10
This allows you to download the latest W10 ISO FILE directly from Microsoft (safest!), and burn to either DVD or USB media. The most important challenge you have here is to ensure that YOU HAVE FIRST BACKED UP ALL YOUR PERSONAL DATA (LIBRARY FOLDERS) TO EXTERNAL MEDIA IN ORDER TO AVOID IRRETRIEVABLE DATA LOSS IN CASE SOMETHING GOES WRONG!!!

In the vast majority of cases, the Clean Install is your best bet, assuming that you've thoroughly tested your hardware before attempting to do so. If you have not done this, you can pay a Tech to do for you, or if you are a DIY guy, take a look at my excellent and free TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE available here: Windows 10 - Unclickable Task Bar

Basically, I'm telling you that the automatic update for W10 to get your computer to run the latest and greatest version of W10 has not worked for the most part going back nearly 3 years on the pre-release Tech Preview editions of W10, and it got no better on the RTM versions in 2015 either. Most folks are not aware of this history if they don't repair computers for a living. If you think I'm blowing smoke up your skirt here, please fee free to search the W10 sub-forums here for posts on W10 upgrade failures, as well as on the Microsoft Community Forums (including the Insider Hub forum too).

Let us know how you get on or if you have any further questions. We are here for you 24x7x365.

Best of luck,:encouragement:

As you said I had used windows upgrade assistant to update my pc.. But it always restarts downloading updates after 84%. I have tried these about 4 times and the same thing happens.
I have the latest configuration in my laptop.
The last thing I want to ask if I install a clean windows using Windows Media creation tool, how I get activation key. I had bought a laptop with pre-installed windows. How my windows will reactivate?


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I see, that's often a symptom of virus/malware infection, hardware failure (often the hard drive), and of course windows corruption from installing/uninstalling poorly coded programs (apps). Good question about the Activation Key. If you upgraded from an earlier version of windows, such as W7 or W8x to get to W10, then your Activation Key is stored on the Microsoft servers with your hardware profile attached. Specifically, it's tied to your Motherboard inside your computer. So, as long as you haven't changed that out since you did your first W10 upgrade, that information is still there (at Microsoft). When you perform the Clean Install, the MCT tool runs the W10 installer and it will ask you for the Product Key, which is the COA label on your computer, if you bought an OEM computer (Dell, HP, Acer, Toshiba, etc.). If you have a self-built or Custom-built PC that you built yourself or paid a shop to build for you with parts you specced, then you'll need to find the original Windows media (usually a DVD disc) that you bought to install Windows on that PC and get the License Key from there. Same with a custom-built PC, the shop you bought it from should have given that to you. [a lot of shops keep that disc from you to force you to call them up and pay to get a copy or take your PC back in for service upgrade-not reputable move but it happens].

The good news is, that when you go to W10 Start->right-click on Start and get the Action menu, you can go to the System item and click it. YOU SHOULD DO THIS BEFORE ATTEMPTING THE CLEAN INSTALL!!

That will open up your System information screen, and down at the bottom, if it shows your W10 currently Activated, then everything above applies, when the W10 installer asks for your Product Key, do not enter it, but press the Skip This Step, and the W10 installer will connect your PC to the Internet (either wired or wireless connection whatever you have at your home), and pull down the Hardware Profile and your W10 key without you having to do anything except make SURE that you have a good Internet connection. Obviously the Internet connection is needed since your W10 key is stored on the Microsoft servers, outside of your home and up in Washington State. In most cases, you never have to enter that key again for any future W10 Clean Installs or reinstalls, unless of course as I mentioned you change your Motherboard (or pay a Tech to do that for you!). :) Clean and easy as pie!:fdance: It takes longer to explain it than it does for you to install it!:up:

And there you have it. Let us know how it turns out.

<<BBJ>> :usa: :brew: :clover:

Thanks sir, you really solved my all problems... I will tell you my feedback


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The last thing I want to ask if I install a clean windows using Windows Media creation tool, how I get activation key. I had bought a laptop with pre-installed windows. How my windows will reactivate?
Activation for your system is done online these days. Since you already activated or the key came with your system (OEM), it should re-activate without a key. This is called a digital license key linked to your Microsoft account (or digital entitlement). Go to and you should see your computer listed there.

On the off-chance you are still scared you will not be able to re-activate (this is rare these days, but still remotely possible), get Magic Jelly Bean Key Finder and you can get the key and serial its registered under. Alternatively, you can run cmd.exe and type:

wmic os get "serialnumber"
This is limited in that you will only be able to find your serial number and not the full product key. There is a way to do it if its stored in the BIOS/UEFI on a pre-loaded machine but this is not worth it. In this case, Magic Jelly Bean would solve all. But really, I don't think you have to worry about it these days.

What I find interesting is that your download keeps getting stuck. You may have some kind of packet loss or problem with your network adapter when downloading large files. This is something that you may need to address even if you do clean install the system (assuming the issue is not resolved).

Good luck!


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If the update is getting stuck, I would dump the windows update log and upload it here and I can take a look.

From powershell run Get-WindowsUpdateLog -LogPath $env:USERPROFILE\Desktop\wu.txt

Also if the product key isn't stored in BIOS you can get the product key without any extra tools Retrieve your Windows Product Key without extra software

Thanks sir for these details.
I don't know why my downloads were stucking.
Well I used MCT (media creation tools) and choose upgrade option and now I am using a upgraded version.

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