Windows 10, Version 1903, 19H1, May 2019 Update SuperThread


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I had trouble at first. Thinking it was the OS that was bad turned out to be my usb stick was bad. Did another ISO on a different stick and have had no problems at all. Like nmsuk zero issues.


HI Info in the message n.9 The machine I mentioned upgraded to the device 10.9.2019 Finis time 22.32 The latest version of the update 18362.239 works live when you select another browser the machine is thinking about. 30/40 sec but otherwise works. Understanding the small size of the hardware is understandable or as a slow web connection. OK that update without choking on the device itself, I doubted that it could. This is because I hope that you will have your device loaded with no hardware attached. So download this: Download Windows 10

The joy of using it.
: Download Windows 10 . Rapaaja
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