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I have Power ISO installed, so if I mount the Windows 10 ISO as a virtual disc, can I just install it like that, rather then using a real disc? I know it will not work if I'm formatting and doing a clean install but I am just upgrading from Windows 7.

You should be able to....I say should.

I would first create a system image backup, just in case something should go horrifically wrong. This way you can use the image to restore the system.

Personally I wouldn't upgrade to 10 over top of 7, I would set up a dual boot by partitioning the HDD, thus keeping your primary OS (7) intact and run 10 that way as 10 is still just a TP (technical preview - build 9926).


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Hi ussnorway.

I know from your posts, that you probably push an OS further than I, but for my own private investigation, I would like to know which particular points you are finding "buggy/unstable". I do not use Cortana, which is giving problems to many. The store is a mass of uselessness but, again, I do not at this stage, regard it as an integral part of Windows - it is still an option, but a badly monitored one.
Apart from that, the only problems of significance that I encounter, are more associated with poor manufacturers drivers. I am confidant this will be sorted by the time of final release.

Frankly, and this is only for me, and my experiences, I would be ready to use Windows 10 as my main OS, if it were not for the fact that, for the moment, I would need to keep re installing items of software with each build. At this stage, I like to keep up with the trend, but would be happy to wait now for the final release, as I have exhausted all I can in testing my own devices/software on the product.


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Buggered if I know or care;

I cann't comment on Cortana because I'm Australian and Microsoft doesn't have it available for my region yet. I agree the store is a dogs breakfast and also that it isn't terribly important one way or the other and yes the drivers will work one day.

The best;

Remember the first beta build that came out was so stable and fast… that I would take over windows 7, vista or even 8.1.1 but I wouldn't have this current build even if it was free because I can't trust it. I'm happy to test/ pay for and recommend many Microsoft products and don't mis-understand me, for the most part they make a solid operating system.

The worse;

"Do you want Microsoft to mess about with the drivers you have installed on your system?"

Yes, no or actually we don't give a shit what answer you give because we are powerful and will just go ahead and do it anyway.

Dear Microsoft, If you are going to install your own Microsoft driver regardless of what answer I give to this question then WHY ask it… I mean just post "Microsoft will take over and attempt to control your system for you… gee, lets hope we eventually get it working" at least that would be honest and therefore wouldn't piss the customers off for lying.

p.s. Just to be clear
davehc I'm not attacking you... or even Microsoft really, I just think this build has a long way to go before its ready but thats the point of a beta and if you are ok with it (for you) as is, then more power to you.

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Well, I wasn't attacking you either, just seeking some information for research , which I am afraid I didn't get
Since Windows 10 became news, I must say that on observation of your posts, you do appear to be over sensitive regarding what you may or may not do with their free builds. I think your future course of action, to wait for a stable product, is very wise under the circumstances.

There is no promise that the builds would be stable, quite the stated opposite, in fact. As I pointed out in a much earlier post, it was clearly said that, by accepting the builds as they went along, you gave Microsoft the right to intrude, as and when required. .

quote again

"When you acquire, install and use the Program software and services, Microsoft collects information about your use of the software and services as well as about the devices and networks on which they operate. Examples of data we may collect include your name, email address, preferences and interests; location, browsing, search and file history; phone call and SMS data; device configuration and sensor data; voice, text and writing input; and application usage. For example, when you:install or use Program software and services, we may collect information about your device and applications and use it for purposes such as determining or improving compatibility (e.g., to help devices and apps work together),when you use voice input features like speech-to-text, we may collect voice information and use it for purposes such as improving speech processing (e.g., to help the service better translate speech into text),when you open a file, we may collect information about the file, the application used to open the file, and how long it takes to use it for purposes such as improving performance (e.g., to help retrieve documents more quickly), or when you input text, handwrite notes, or ink comments, we may collect samples of your input to improve these input features, (e.g., to help improve the accuracy of autocomplete and spellcheck).""


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Yes I do come across that way some times and yes Microsoft does push my buttions with some of the stuff they do.

When you acquire, install and use the Program software and services, Microsoft snip...
I would point out that the disclaimer doesn't give Microsoft the right to lie to me or ignore my commands but thats prob best dropped.


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I am running Windows 10 as the only OS on my computer now.
While there are things I'd like to see changed most of them just have to do with ease of use, not any thing that effects productivity.

All of my software and games run fine in Windows 10 and even some things that didn't work in Windows 8 work now.

I always keep a backup of a stable build just in case they introduce something that does make it unusable but so far it hasn't come to that.

I have my fingers crossed that the next build will be an improvement over this one.

I spent 45 minutes yesterday just sending input on the various issues that I've had, and seen that others are making the same suggestions so with any luck it will eventually be at least very close to what we want.

As I'm getting used to where things are I'm finding it a big improvement over Windows 8 and I'm not longing for a return to Windows 7 anymore.

Now if they'd just stop installing hardware drivers that I don't want I'd really be happy. LOL

As far as privacy goes, I'm afraid that, that is a thing of the past, I can hardly use any of my graphics software any more with out checking in with Adobe first.

I'm afraid that we are only seeing the beginning of how that is going to go.

Now the trend is toward renting you software instead of selling it to you, so they can control it even farther. That's too much, I though that I wouldn't update beyond what I have, only to find that Adobe has made it so I can't install my old software any more because it won't activate even with my registration. They just say sorry your software is out of date, get a newer version.

I found a work around for Photoshop CS2, but my other stuff will be getting to that age in a few years.

That really bugs me.


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