Windows 11 windows 11 activision on two computers


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Jul 12, 2020
Hey guys.
If i install win 11 and activating it with new win 11 retail licence i've bought, will i be able to install and activating it with the same licence on my other laptop? or only 1 os can be activated at the same time? and if so, is it possible to activate win on one pc while the other pc wont be activated, while transfering the activision from one pc to another pc. from time to time, just to update windows via windows update, and then transfering back the activision?

No, a retail license can only be used on a single system at a time. If the first computer were to break you are allowed to transfer the license to another system

and then is it possible to transfer back to old computer? or should i uninstall whole system first?

As long as it is not on two active systems