Windows 2019 RDS single server max 2 users allowed need to expend


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Dear all,

I manage a small office with approx 20 employees. I only have 1 windows 2019 server on my local network where we host our CORPORATE application that everyone uses and while being physically inside of the office on our local LAN everything works great as we access the server through folder SMB sharing and this is all we need, whoever when users go home, they login to our LAN using VPN, all works great however when we do a remote desktop connection to the server we can only have 2 users logged in at the very same time to the main server What I want to do is I want to enable more than just 2 users option so that for example 4 users can be remotely logged in to this server using RDS and access server resources. We have a very simple network setup, this is 1 STAND ALONE STANDARD 2019 server.
This server has 20 CALS purchased. We run a VPN for remote users to login to our office when someone decides to work from home they need to be able to access this server for files sharing etc. I want multiple users to be able to access this server and open REMOTE DESKTOP connection at the same time. As of right now only 2 users can be logged in at the very same time. What is the EASIEST and quickest way to set this up ?




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I purchased 20 CALs with my server. Can you guide me on how to setup RDS on a single server in the easiest and fastest possible way ?



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Install all the RDS roles and the licensing server. Add the CALs to the licensing server (can be the same server) configure RDS


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Thanks! Do You have any detailed "how to" that You could refer me to ? I would greatly appreciate the referral.