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Jan 26, 2009
Ok, here's a weird one. I just got Win 7 all up and running and I've joined it to my domain. The domain in question is named Empire.local and we have two DC's. One's name is EOM with the IP of and the other is EXCHANGE with the IP of Once I'm logged into windows, I noticed that I couldn't access anything via \\EOM (our main DC with all the main programs installed on it). After doing some troubleshooting I tried to ping EOM from the command prompt and it resolved as, the IP address of the 2nd DC. I checked all the DNS reverse records and everything is set right. I then checked all the DHCP settings and they all have the correct information. Checked ipconfig /displaydns and there it was again, saying that the DNS reverse records pointed back to Any ideas of where further to check out what the issue is here? I've gone to multiple other XP and Vista computers and their rDNS all work fine with EOM. I've tried rebooting both servers to no avail. I'm really at a loss of why this one computer would be pulling back the wrong information. Thanks for any help guys.
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