Windows 7/8 to use Windows 10 style updating


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Very interesting, Dave.:andwhat: Now that W10 has been out for over a year, that may help. However, the AU issue is particularly annoying and Microsoft will need to fix that soon.:scratch: There are still many folks hesitant to upgrade to W10 (especially now that they have to pay for it), and if they buy a brand new machine or tablet with W10 pre-loaded, they are going to have fits trying to get the AU installed in their devices as it's not an overlay-type update at the moment, but acts like a complete OS upgrade, so it looks like you have to clean install a new OS and it might as well be Win11.:hide: I personally am a big fan of W10 and have 5-W10 machines running and building more for Clients all the time. :ohyea:

Thanks for the post!! Keep 'em coming.:D


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You and I (but certainly many dissidents!) empathise on that. Since I first started out with Windows 10, so many months ago, I have never looked back. I must say though, in sympathy for many, I have never had a major problem, nor, for that matter, have any of the local colleagues and friends who I have helped.
After the first couple of months, I wiped all of my known family 7/8 installations and reinstalled Windows 10.
Another point to make, I guess, is that in the vast majority of the instances, it has always been a clean install. As a hobby, I did not mind having to reinstall needed software for others.

But the update issue , whilst , again, I have had no problems, has annoyed me to the extent that I have gone into writing and, most definitely, annoyed certain areas of the great Microsoft establishment.
I will not go to the extent of hacking my OS, in order to try and stop the automatic updates. I feel it is a problem which MS should address.

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