Windows 7 becomes unresponsive after a f ew hours of doing nothing.

Before i describe my problem id like to say ive spent some time searching past threads and can only come up with variations of sleep problems occuring. My current settings have sleep turned off, monitor on always. So i doubt these apply to me.

I have a new computer that was built for me by a friend, who has installed windows 7. I leave the comp on over night in order to use some downloading programs in my "off-peak" period. The screen seems to power down (i think the screen does it on its own). When I return and move the mouse the system comes back on. the task bar doesn't unhide, clicking on any icons is generally unresponsive, there seems to be some thinking going on but nothing happens. All i can do is move the mouse around and do the whole ctrl-alt-delete thing. Task manager won't load. In the end i have to turn the computer off.

I know next to nothing about computers and would love some ideas on what the problem is... thank you =)


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Could be many reasons.
Install free Hijachthis, HijackThis - Trend Micro USA run a scan and save log to text file and upload to here so we can check it.

Thanks, i upgraded the bios, played with several settings in a random kind of manner and now the problem seems to be fixed. I have no idea exactly what fixed it. LOL. Sorry to waste your time.


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Glad it worked out. Could have been overclocking issues or settings that were changed in the BIOS and you reset BIOS settings to default by updating it. Good stuff.

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