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I have found the below posting thorughout many forums on thew internet. Maybe it has been in this forum as well, I apologize if it has been and answered already. I am literally having the same problem as this person below. Except I am using a pc with Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit and the Rocketfish RF-MRBTAD bluetooth adapter. I installed the CD drivers that came with it and did everything the person mentioned below with no luck. Rocketfish help on the phone is useless. They just blame everything on Microsoft. The cd installed a bunch of bluetooth related files in the following path file:///C:/Program%20Files/WIDCOMM/Bluetooth%20Software/

However I can not add a bluetooth device to the add device option in control panel.

Overall I want my computer to have the "B" for bluetooth in the bottom right in the task bar so I can add bluetooth devices as needed. Any help would be appreciated

If someone else owns this adapter and knows that it is just garbage please let me know and I will just return it to Best buy and buy the product below as it seems to have all good reviews. - IOGEAR GBU421W6 Bluetooth 2.1 USB Micro Adapter

Okay so before I get what seems to be the standard response of go here, check this, update that, let me just say I have read some 30-40 posts on similar issues and tried almost everything that is listed on these forums. I have gone to the control panel and attempted to update the drivers only to receive the message that they are up to date, I have uninstalled and reinstalled, I have tried all three USB ports, and I have even tried an entirely newly purchased dongle. So please don't post responses suggesting I do any of the run of the mill troubleshooting stuff.

Here is the issue. I recently moved from a
Toshiba to a Dell notebook. The Toshiba was running a Windows 7 Pro installation with integrated bluetooth and my Microsoft Elite for Bluetooth desktop set worked with no issues. I have now moved over to a Dell Latitude E6410 also running a clean installation of Windows 7 Pro. The Dell does not have integrated bluetooth so I attempted to install the Microsoft Windows Transceiver for Bluetooth 2.0 (which came with my desktop set and is in fact a Microsoft product) so that I could continue to use my keyboard and mouse. I plugged the transceiver in and it appeared to install some drivers, and does appear in the device manager under bluetooth USB as a Microsoft Bluetooth Device. However, there is no bluetooth control pane to access so that I can connect
the devices to the transceiver.

Since I assumed this meant there was a compatibility issue I went out and purchased a RocketFish Micro Bluetooth USB Adapter. I installed it according to the directions using the CD, which installed WIDCOMM bluetooth stack. Still it is in the exact same state as the Microsoft Dongle now. It shows up in the device manager, but the install which was suppose to create the icon for the bluetooth manager did not do so.

If I run the installation for the Broadcom Bluetooth tools it begins the acquisition phase, appears to see the USB transceiver and then just stops with the error "Could not start Microsoft Bluetooth stack. Please reboot your computer and try again." No matter how many times I reboot there is no different result. RocketFish doesn't have an answer, these forums have provided no answer to anyone that has posted a similar issue, and Microsoft wants to charge me another $50 to talk to them to fix an issue between two of their products.

Is there an answer for this out there or not?


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