Windows 7 Build 7022 Fix

If you r use Windows 7 build 7022 don`t update your ethernet/network card driver from windows update,result will b BSOD.

Good luck. :)


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Worked for me...
Maybe it was just your Ethernet Card in particular.

Hi Kyle -- my Ethernet card hosed up networking as well -- backing off the upgrade fixed it.
Actually my networking worked first time with a clean install of 7022. Keys from the Beta worked to activate the build as well.

I could only get the card to work on 7000 via an UPGRADE . I could never make it work via clean install on build 7000.

Just for IE8 RC1 it was worth installing 7022.

If you've got 7034 - any news on progress with the .NET side of things.


All of my motherboard drivers came through Windows Update and I had no problems with anything either... ;) I'm going to have to agree with Kyle on this one and say that it must have just been your network card in particuliar..

@ Jimbo45

I completely agree with you on IE 8 RC1 making Win 7 build 7022 worth the download.. What a huge increase in performance and overall compatibility... their getting close to being on par with Firefox now in my opinion... :)

Hi all

Flashed my Laptop Bios with a new update -- seems to have fixed all the Network Card problems -- what a piece of BS to get the thing to work on what is ostensibly a decent and very portable laptop.

Now I can also see the Enable INTEL VT option. (Enable Intel Virtual Technology).

This allows amongst other things the computer to run 64 Bit Guest Virtual machines. - Note here that just because your computer has a 64 bit CPU it doesn't mean automatically that you can run a 64 bit virtual machine.

Bit of a drastic step flashing a BIOS -- only do it if you REALLY HAVE TO and on a laptop ensure you are connected to the mains throughout the whole process otherwise your Laptop will end up just being a useless Hunk of Metal.

Hauppage Win TV Terrestial digital receiver (DVB) works fine now (Build 7022).
.Net stuff seems to be better.

Looks like W7 is making its inevitable progress towards a possible RC1 and then RTM.

Anybody with a later build than 7022 -- how's it shaping up.

(BTW your BETA keys still seem to activate the 7022 Build).


Windows 7 build 7022 is very stable os
- The new side panel color shown in previous screenshots.
- New Paint, as we saw in previous screenshots.
- HomeGroup gets a new icon.
- IE8 updated to RC1
- Faster search in startmenu, instant.
- General higher stability in OS this is very important
- New animations throughout Windows Explorer
- Desktop Gadget Gallery is the new name for Sidebar. It gets a slightly refreshed icon

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