Windows 7 can't determine ISO image file...

Pleas help....I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate and my problem is windows cant determine ISO image,,it asking me to go started when i install Active@iso burner and burn some disk and after uninstalling Active@iso burner Windows 7 cant determine the ISO image file....pls help!!!!!!!....:(

If I'm getting it rigth, you can't burn a cd or a dvd iso.
Why not getting Nero? it burns ISOs just perfectly.


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If I'm getting it rigth, you can't burn a cd or a dvd iso.
Why not getting Nero? it burns ISOs just perfectly.
True but Nero will cost money t buy - imgburn will do the job perfectly as well and is free.

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Imgburn probably has better control of the burn operation like speed. It also don't have all the bloat of Nero.

Nero isn't bloated if you install only the Burning Rom and uncheck everything else, like I do. It also has full control of burning speed and even can be set to tell you the actual burning speed it is currently working at. (It goes all different speeds, regardless of it's initial setting, as does all software.)

That being said, Imgburn is a great alternative for sure, too.

Another common fallacy is that burning at slower speeds is better. It is untrue because drives actually burn better at their designed, intended max speed. Analysis of the discs easily prove this to be true, to anyone concerned.


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Thanks for clarifying the max speed myth TorrentG.
I have Nero (purchased years ago in a weak moment, LOL) and I only have the burning app installed.
I also have a license for Nero Linux 3.

We'll yes, it is mostly true about the max speed being best. There are factors that alter that though, such as the actual hardware being used and the type/brand of discs being used. The differences in those can play an effect to change that. But again, for the most part, unless someone has done actual testing with a certain drive and media, it's best to simply burn at max because that's where the odds are.

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