Windows 7 Delays in disk drive and USB port


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Apologies if I am posting this in the wrong forum. I'm hoping that the below makes sense to someone. I'm not the most technical person when it comes to operating systems.

My Samsung RV510 (Windows 7) is two years old and has always functioned perfectly in terms of speed, function etc.

Very recently it has started to behave strangely in relation to two functions :

1. The disk drive takes much longer than usual to read a data CD. It can take up to 4 minutes. If I open the 'Computer' window during this time, I can see that a scan of some sort is happening. The bar across the top of the window which reads 'computer' slowly becomes green as though files are being scanned. As soon as the entire bar has become green, the disk will open and is ready to be read. I'm not sure if this 'scan' is related to the annoying speed at which the disks are being read or if there is another reason.

My virus protection program is AVG Free 2014. I have always used AVG Free and this has never happened before.

The problem is identical for devices which need to be read via the USB port, particularly my external hard drive device. There is a delay before there is finally an option for the files/folders to open.

Once finished, if I click 'Safely Remove Hardware' again, I have about a 3-4 minute delay before the message appears that it is safe for the hardware to be removed. This is the most annoying delay.

This has only begun to happen in the last 2 months.

Any ideas to to the reason behind the delays or how I might fix it/them?

Otherwise, everything functions perfectly.


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Is there any chance the AVG scanning settings have been reconfigured and are requiring a different type of scan when check the media?

In Task Manger, is anything else showing up as using CPU time other than the normal processes?

Any messages in the Event Viewer that might point to some problem?

Maybe the scanning is related to indexing. I see such progress bars when I open my network locations before they become available.

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