Windows 7 Windows 7 didnt install my audio hardware on my old pc .


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Feb 27, 2011
[h=2]hi there,[/h]
i just installed a windows 7 home edition on my old pc which has this specs:
P4 2800
asus p4s800d-x motherboard socket 478.
ATI X1950 pro video card
3 gb of RAM

everything went well during installation but the audio hardware didnt recognized (onboard)
i went to asus web site and after muliple chooses i get to this page wich is relevant for me :

thing is that at the end of the chosing , the newer version of windows that i could chose from was winxp.
you can see also that the audio driver i can download is for winxp
SoundMAX Audio Driver version WHQL for Windows 98/ME/2K/XP.

i tried to install also a realtek audio driver and of course the soundmax which didnt cause win 7 to find any audio hardware.

any help here ....

It only shows for vista and lower so you could try to run it in compatibility mode.
hi again .

i know that this problem i having now may related to some other forum but since its connect to the previouse one i post it here ...

so after i install the sound driver i got a sound but when i play a 720p x264 movies (with vlc player or mplayer classic) its flicker,
BUT when i disable sundmax from device manager the movie play smooth but of course without sound ....

any thoughts ? is there something i can do or this is a sign for an old pc that cant hadle 720p x264 files?
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