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    I'm running the evaluation copy of Windows 7 Ultimate version 7000. I've received, as have some of you folks, an invitation to prepurchase the new Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate OS as an upgrade that will be available in October. My question is this; Will the new systems upgrade from this version I'm running now or will I have to reinstall my original OS (Vista Home Premium, 32 bit) and use the new purchase to upgrade from that?:confused: I really like some of the features of this Ultimate OS, but I only want the Home Premium version which is a lesser version. Will the Home Premium version upgrade the evaluation version of Ultimate?
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    Refer to Radenight's link below for info on how to install a clean Win7 from the upgrade version of Home Premium 7 you are buying. As far as upgrading any of the beta-RC installations with RTM Media, the jury is out. I predict that there will be a way to upgrade an RC to RTM but I would think that the path must be the same, e.g. Ultimate RC to Ultimate RTM. Could be wrong but IF THERE IS A WILL THERE WILL BE A WAY.

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