It seems to be that Windows Explorer is screwed. :eek::eek::eek:

I had my laptop and I realised GTA: Vice City was screwing up a bit. It was a modded version (Killer Vip 1.3?) Anyway my computer was Not responding on the most simplest of tasks. Such as opening a folder. I then tried to make an Icon with IconArt and when I went to save, it stopped responding. Later on "Com Surrogate" stopped working. And "Windows Shell Common DLL" stopped as well. When I tried to take screenshots of them I put the shots into Paint and when I went to save Paint froze as well.

Anyways, Avast said that GTA-vc.exe was a virus (Win32 Worm I think). Since then I Have deleted GTA and I deleted all traces of GTA from the Registry because it still wasnt fixed. Since then I have done through virus scans with updated versions of Avast! and AVG 8.5. [I was told by people on Yahoo Answers that it could be Avast and AVG fighting]

I was going to wipe and reinstall but It would get rid of Microsoft Office Home And Student 2007. I have a copy of Professional but the activation key doesn't work (its been used). And it doesnt have OneNote. I also dont have a copy of Home and Student as it came with my computer.

I used to be able to reset to factory settings (which I've done whenever my computer stuffs up) but I think when I upgraded to windows 7 from Vista SP2 it got rid of the recovery partition.

I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium (build 7600, revision number 16385) on an Acer Aspire 5720Z with 1GB Ram, 1.6 ghz Intel Dual-Core T2310, 120GB Hard Drive.

It was working fine with Windows 7 since last Friday.

On an unrelated matter my touch pad (ALPS) screws up and barely moves.

UPDATE: I uninstalled AVG not sure if its fixed will post in a sec

Hi Soulja Pixii and welcome to the forum. :)

From what you've described it definitely looks like you have gone too far competing with a trojan.

1. Is this the first time you're installing VC Killer Kip's, did you use this one installation before ? Is it a license or probably not ?
2. Have you done a full scan of your system for viruses ?

Fixed It

Just unistalled AVG and it was fine I am now using NIS 2010

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