Windows 7 explorer 50/80 CPU after opening folder with Music in Wav format

Hi there!

This is really annoying me now.

I recently installed Windows 7 and now when I open a folder containing wav files explorer jumps up to 50 to 80 CPU usage.

The folder contains wav music files because I am converting them from 320 mp3, and FLAC to use in Ableton Live, which is a music workstation.

The folder it originally happened to came from my previous hard drive, which may have got damaged, so the files might be corrupt.. but this issue didn't happen with the folder in question after the hard drives incident (which may have resulted it having bad sectors), when I was using windows xp.

Recently I converted a FLAC file to wav using this new windows 7 install. When I tried to access the folder that it was put it, again explorer jumped up to 80 percent, dllhost.exe is also contributing the cpu strain, with around 30 cpu usage.

I googled this and I was recommend to download a patch for windows 7 which promised to solve the exact problem I had, it said something about explorer taking up CPU and corrupt wav files, however even after this fix, I am still having the problem.

Any one have any ideas? Its doing my head in.



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Try right clicking inside the folder, select properties, customize then from the pull down list select "optimize this folder for music". Also check the box to apply to all subfolders.

Nope still same problem.


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sound like it's related to indexing or file checking the folder... maybe even AV scan on access

Pretty sure its not av scan.. if its an indexing thing, what I can I check in relation to indexing?

I am having the same problem. I can go in with DOS and move del files and stuff like that but I made files using Fruity Loops Studio and when I go to the folder they are in the CPU shoots to like 100% and I have a I5 Notebook, it's pretty quic k. I went to High CPU usage in the Explorer.exe process when you open a folder that contains corrupted .wav files in Windows 7 or in Windows Server 2008 R2 and got a microsoft person to make the hotfix available and they did and it wont install on my computer and like 3 or 4 emails back and forth and they gave up. It happens because explorer scans the audio files and sees them as corrupt files, I think in my case, I noticed it started happening when I opened these files with Traktor. Traktor tags your audio files and saves information with them and I think it screws up explorer. So far the only fix I have found is to save to an external drive and use media monkey to burn, WMP is totally screwed because of this problem, I just turned it off in the "add remove program features" any help on how to get windows to not scan the audio files would be really cool. This has been such a huge disappointment, I hate not being able to fix something like this. grr

I am all so having this exact issue and and also using traktor. I initially experienced, the issue after alerting file tags with mixed in key. If anyone has come up with a solution pleas could you contact me. Thanks.

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