Windows 7 freezes on downloads

I have been seeing that windows 7 has been freezeing for many people. My probelm is that I cant download anything without the download freezeing at any random percentage. I cant dl google toobar, firefox, java and more without it stopping and freezeing. I try to restart the downloads and same thing happens. Any help with this? I have made sure I am using Internet explorer (64-bit edition) when downloading aswell.


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What exactly are you trying to download, how big are the files?
Are you using a download manager or are you simply using the default Internet Explorer download "box"?

I stated in my thread im just tring to download simple programs like java, google toolbar, and mozilla firefox. Im using the internet explorer download box. I just got windows 7 so im tring to install important things i need right now. Google toolbar is no bigger then 17mb. Firefox is only 7.7mb. When I click run to download them, they just freeze up about 2-10 seconds after downloading.


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So you mean the download stops?
Sorry my misunderstanding, I thought you meant that your computer was freezing when you attempted to download things.
Do you have the most up-to-date drivers for you network card?

Correct. My download just freezes, not my whole computer as I have noticed other people have had that problem. Not me. Its the download itself that freezes. I wouldnt know if I have the most up the date network drivers. I would assume not since I had to reformat because I switched from Vista basic 32-bit to windows 7 ultimate 64-bit. Where might I find what network card I have and download updated drivers?


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If you post your Network card make and model I'll find the latest driver for you.
To determine what network card you have, open the start menu and type "devmgmt.msc"
Once you're there, expand the "network adapters" section, now take note of which adapter you use (ethernet or wireless) then simply post the name and model here.

My network card is NETGEAR RangeMax(TM) Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter WPN111. I use a wireless adapter to connect to the internet since in on a router. I know for a fact that I have the latest driver for the adapter. The latest driver release is for windows 7 users and its working fine other then I cant download things without the download freezeing.


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Have you tried power-cycling your modem? Turn your router off for ~30 seconds and then turn it back on.

That didnt help. My download continue to freeze up.


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Is this a new computer that came pre-installed with windows 7 or did you upgrade from Vista?


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First off, you don't want the Google tool bar, causes troubles

You might want to try this site.

Firmware and drivers are located on the left side of the page.

Upgraded from Vista

Do you have a link to the site? And another thing. Is internet explorer recommended or not to use with windows 7?

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Agreed, you probably don't want any toolbars.


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Internet Explorer 8 performs fastest in Windows 7 then on any other version of Windows, but it's definitely not THE fastest.
As for the fact that you upgraded from vista, I'd stop right there and do a "clean/custom" installation.

I was using Vista Bacis 32 bit. I upgraded to Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. Would that be the problem?


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For all the trouble it's worth, yes.
You must do a "custom install" don't format your hard drive and windows will put your old installation in a folder called windows.old which you will be able access all of your files and copy them your to your new installation. You will have to reinstall your programs but the end result should be more then worth the time. (By the way, it will take you less time to do all that than it took you to upgrade in the first place!)

When I upgraded from vista, I didnt a custom installation. I have a folder called windows.old. Do you think installing 32 bit would fix this problem?


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Oh, you did a clean install.
have you tried that specific USB wireless jangle on another computer?
USB adapters often time offer somewhat poor performance anyways.

No I havent. But the software is compatiable with Windows 7 and I never had problems with downloading things before with vista basic 32 bit. Plus its one of the top adapters netgear makes.

I was on another forum and a guy told me this. "any computer person wouldn't upgrade to a higher bit that you're computer can't handle, THAT'S WHY YOU UPGRADE TO A SOFTWARE THAT HAS THE SAME BIT OR LOWER THAT YOUR COMPUTER CAN HANDLE.. That's why you're computer's freezing up. Switch back to Windows Vista Basic 32 bit . Unless you wanna stay download-free".

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