Windows 7 Windows 7 graphics problems


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Hi all,

I will try to keep this brief...

We have an Acer Aspire M3802 (Windows 7 home premium, 64-bit), with a generic 1280 x 1024 monitor, which has worked beautifully for three years, until last week. We started to get random BSODs, which increased in frequency to about one every five minutes. Running Memtest revealed the presumed culprit -- one of the Transcend 2 GByte memory modules gave about 1 million(!) errors after a few cycles of Memtest, so it was removed, leaving the other 2-GByte module.

The computer was, shall was say, overloaded with junk, so after saving documents and photos etc. I reloaded the operating system, and the graphics problems began (Intel G45/G43 chipset on integrated graphics). Everything was very buggy, with black checkerboard patterns in right-click windows and the Windows gadgets such as the clock. Random black and white bars appeared on the desktop and a couple more BSODs occurred. I uninstalled the graphic drivers, ran Driver Sweeper, reloaded drivers, but all to no avail.

I then switched from 32-bit color depth to 16-bit in the Intel graphics media accelerator driver and everything is now (I hope) working perfectly. 16-Bit color is probably OK for most purposes, although 32-bit would be better for photo editing.


Any thoughts as to why 16-bit color is working and 32-bit is not? I presume(?) that the pre-crash system was working with 32-bit. Would buying a replacement 2-Gig memory module change anything? Would it be a good idea in any event?

Thanks for reading,