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Windows 7 Windows 7 hangs at shutdown screen

Bill Austin

Well-Known Member
Mar 20, 2013
Hi I have an imac running windows 7 pro via parallels and so far it's been almost a year with zero issues but lately whenever I shut down the windows 7 side it just stalls at the shut down screen.

I have left it on overnight returning in the morning still spinning saying shutting down.

I read another thread here where someone said to include their c windows minidump file so I am attaching it in hopes someone can read it and tell me what might be causing the hangup at shutdown.

I am also open to suggestions of what else I can check or do on my end to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance for any help and or suggestions.

Bill :)


  • Minidump.zip
    112.6 KB · Views: 203
I take it parallels is virtual machine software. Have you checked at their forums to see if the issue is there instead of Windows? Virtual machines are pretty complex and it could be hanging there while it is susposed to be doing a task at close.
I did post about it in a mac forum where they discuss parallels and bootcamp virtual machine use but got no replies on that, overall it's been running great on both sides only time I see a problem is when I shutdown on the windows side anything else i can check within the windows stuff?