Windows 7 incombatible with machine, Why?

The RAm suggesstion is a good one. RAM errors are sometimes hard to find. Either the amount of ram, or a bad stick could cause this. I've had RAM sticks that every ram testing program I know said was good, but when I replaced it with another, the computer suddenly behaved it self. Sometimes it's adirty contact on the RAM stick. Try a pencil eraser on it. (works more times than you might think!) I've read of people UPING the ram to 1 Gig to install Win 7, then dropping to BELOW 1 Gig to run. Theysay performance is not that bad. Nice to know.
I agree completely, I once had a rig that just wouldn't install Windows XP PRO no matter what I tried... It would always freeze during the installation at 35 minutes while "Installing Devices". Turned out to be a bad stick of RAM.. After 12 hours and alot of cursing I was glad to find the problem.. Needless to say that stick of ram went for a flight right out my living room window.. ;)

Took out 1 GB of ram, Still problems. Coudlnt get 512 MB sticks in. Should I take out the other 1 GB of ram to see if that one is a problem, Although I do not believe it is.

Took me FOREVER to get the sticks back in

Test with memtest is a good idea, but I have had bad RAM even after Memtest told me it was ok. So keep that info in the back of your mind. It's a good little utility, but it does miss things I've found. I would suggest replacing the RAM left with the one you took out, and try installing Win 7 again. I would even try the RAM in another system just to make sure it's good (testing it with a WIN 7 install). All this is to eliminate bad RAM as the culprit. Once we eliminate that as a possible cause, Then I would look for a BURN in utility to stress the motherboard and see if it turns up anything. I would also suggest testing the VIDEO Card ram before going that far. Seems like a lot of work, but if you want to use WIN 7 on that board, your going to have to spend some time on it looks like.

Still not working, Tried a new copy after a few months, Isnt the latest RC pretty much the final copy? So the Final Copy wont worth either? God damnit! I want to intall Windows 7 already.

This a tough one simply because there is nothing with which to diagnose other than any stop message from the BSOD which may also be of no help. Are you certain that you have disconnected ALL external hardware during install ESPECIALLY dual monitor, external drives/storage media? Disabled add on graphics in bios for onboard same with sound card i would even go as far as a plug in keyboard/mouse PS/2 preferably. Finally we should eliminate that DVD drive being faulty either by swappimg it out (ideally) or if you feel up to it try this:


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Check power supply

Your symptoms don't perfectly match a defective power supply, but are similar. Check your power supply before you pull ALL your hair out. Reduced voltage to the DVD drive could produce symptoms of DVD drive problem.

I have the released version and I'm still having this shit, I don't understand. Will I never be able to upgrade to W7 or something?

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