Windows 7 Install Issue

Gigabyte K8U-939
X2 4200
ATI X850
Old Soundblaster card
plenty o diskspace
USB mouse/keyboard

Windows 7 copies the files and stuff but when it goes to reboot I get the Windows 7 boot logo and then it restarts. And does it again and again unless I go to previous Windows. I think it's the soundcard, I haven't had time to be able to pull it out. But my motherboard also had issues with Vista with ULi drivers. So dunno

Hello and Welcome to Windows7forums.. :)

I would also say it's your sound card.. ;) I'd suggest pulling it and seeing if that makes a difference..

Are you trying to do an Upgrade or a Clean Install? Are you using the 32-bit or 64-bit Edition? Did you obtain the ISO from Microsoft directly? Which build are you trying to install?

I took out the sound card. But I have the same issue. I'm trying clean install with 32bit using 7229.

stupid question, is your dvd propely recorded ? Did you try it on other machine ? Why not to try official RC 7100 release ?

So it's just like Vista, need the ULi SATA drivers, and ASUS agp patch for uli chips. THIS DISAPPOINTS ME GREATLY nVidia AND Microsoft.

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