windows 7 is being annoying please help safe mode runs fine

I have windows 7 home premium 64 bit
it has been working fine but this morning i went to turn on my computer and it worked for a few minutes then just stopped working. it is fine if i am on chrome or another program for about a minute and a half and then the program just freezes. I try to open up task manager and task manager freezes, then the whole explorer.exe freezes.
My laptop runs fine on safe mode with networking (that is how i am on the net right now)

i have tried
-system restore
-msconfig (changing startup selection options and startup programs)
-disk check on startup

none of these worked, and i think that there is some program running in the background on the normal boot. it may be an update or something that needed the computer to reset, and when i reset the update was buggy or something

i have run a scan using microsoft security essentials and it has found nothing. I always have it open for the real time protection.

this laptop has given me lots of bugs etc which i think is caused by windows 64 bit running 32 bit programs badly ?? ? ? ? ?

please help me i use this laptop to make music on (and i'm in the middle of playing through half life 2 for the third time)


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As you already seem to know, Safe Mode is supposed to eliminate all non-essential startup programs. If it runs ok there, then it might be a driver, or possibly a virus...

You might try running Malwarebytes to backup MSE. Some viruses can be seen by some anti-viruses but not others.

Do you know of any updates or changes to your system lately. If you watch Task Manager, do you see anything jumping on the CPU column?

You said you used msconfig. Did you try the the options on the General tab, or the boot tab and select base video? If you could get it to boot into normal mode with one of these things checked, you may be able to track down what might be inolved, starting from there.

i installed malwarebytes and ran a quick scan which found a few registry files and deleted them, but that did nothing. i tried base video which just made the screen smaller and still wouldn't load up my music program or steam for longer than 2 minutes. i had previously tried the different settings in the general tab which didn't work.
it is a real pain i just want to listen to/make music & play hl2 :cry_smile:

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